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Scorpio Zodiac Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope | 23rd October - 21st November

Scorpio - Hard to reach, Hard to guess mind

Horoscope for the Scorpio zodiac

Who is the Scorpio have the strange idea not like other. Difficult to access. Forward-thinking, innovations, sympathetic, shrewd, a lot odd idea, special touch, attentive and like to give advice, have self motivation, love freedom, do not let anyone take advantage, energetic, kept secret, curiosity, know how to convincingly stoking the secret, over time thinking, say least but amiable, brave and generous, patient, hard, strong, tough, use motto as long as there is still hope as long as there is always a way, very difficult to anger if not too much provoked, love to be alone.

The love the Scorpio zodiac

A person who truly loves, romantic but would not be interested in relationships as good as should be do. Soulmate of Scorpio will have good skin, good shape, rounded face, love helping to make a better living and loving together either unhappiness or happiness. Although offend some but there not abandoned. The first child will be orator.

Occupation and Financial of the Scorpio

Do everything to make their affluent. Never hope other to help you. have the goal in life, do not give up easily, hard working, talented, faithful. Life will be better because of their own effort.

Disadvantage of the Scorpio zodiac

A vindictive, temperamental, can't control self emotional, biased.

The mascot numeric of the Scorpio zodiac

Star that preserved Scorpio zodiac is Pluto. Pluto is the god of the Mysteries. Hidden and protected you. You have influenced make you to say the least, not appear your self, usually kept hot inside and the mysterious but charismatic amazing.

The lucky number of the Scorpio is 5

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