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Cancer Zodiac Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope | 21st June - 22nd July

Cancer - tongued but generous

Horoscope of the Cancer zodiac

The Cancer zodiac. Those born in this month is tongued but generous. When blame anyone, just do with well-intentioned but many people do not like that you do. Generally is polite speaking people. Often been exploited, should have only sincere friend. You can keep a secret and fun with who stay with you but it is difficult to reach the real of you, silent if nothing spectacular. Pride in themselves, responsible, honestly, acumen, friendly. Not unforgiven, ready to forgive but not forget that. Do not like silly nonsense. Influence to others both physically and mentally. Sensitivity, not easy to trust anyone. Sincere, concern to other people and give equally for all. Love to live alone with silence.

The love of the Cancer

Soulmate of the Cancer zodiac are very different ages. Always do not understand each other because do not open mind. If you can solve this point you and your soulmate will be glorious, warm and well. The Soulmate of the Cancer zodiac will have beautiful eyes. If had a daughter before a son is tricky.

Occupation and Financial of the Cancer zodiac

The field of work of the Cancer zodiac is the hard work, best students, ready to make everything to achieve the work.

Disadvantage of the Cancer zodiac

Emotions is not stable, moody, feel slight. Judge others with something in your imaginary. Easy to regret and takes a long time to heal.

The mascot numeric of the Cancer zodiac

The Moon is preserved the Cancer zodiac. The guardian goddess is Diana, Diana was the goddess of hunting and farming. They are also the parents of many children. You can get this early influence. You was vast mind person, calm. You will have instinct of the mother, even if you are male or female.

The lucky number of Cancer is 8

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