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+543 to your birth year before fill to year box.
For example, if you born on 1980, value to fill is 1980 + 543 = 2523

Your birth day

Hulsakrach 1379 / Buddhist era 2560 / A.D. 2017
Rattanakosin era 236 / Great era 1939

Julian Day = 2457959
Pakks day = 2457959 - 2355147 = 102812
S Hordes position = 102812 / 16168 = 6 Fraction 5804 , The result + 1 =  7
Hordes = 5804 / 1447 = 4 Fraction 16 , The result + 1 = Hordes position = 5
Aggregation = 16 / 251 = 0 Fraction 16 , The result + 1 = Aggregation position =  1
Space = 16 / 59 = 0 Fraction 16 , The result + 1 = Space position = 1
Fortnight = 16 / 15 = 1 Fraction 1 , The result + 1 = Fortnight position =  2

(102812 / 14.7652967570875) + 1 = 6964.08389133115 = 6964 (Even number is Waxing moon, Odd number is Waning moon)


Monday 24 July 2560 (AD 2017)

Lunar Calendar
Moon Phases
Today is 1 Waxing moon
zodiac moon


Let everyone who use HoroSharp.com website have good luck.

Monday 24 July 2560 (AD 2017) : Leo

Daily prediction for people born today

Monday People Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope for People born on Monday

Today, your work was completed in time of appointment and you will have an outstanding job. Your boss trust you and entrusted with the important task.

Your fortune yet to come, but the cashflow is not too bad. Avoid being persuaded to invest in a business you do not feel right. May have been deceived. Especially from a close friend.


Basically Horoscopes for people born today

Horoscope for Monday, 1 Waxing moon

Jewelry for Monday women and men

Topaz, citrine, amber, yellow diamonds and pearls.

Born Monday Is attractive. The propitious yourself. When you was distress, there is usually a great help always. Have a good windfall.

Characterization of the Monday people

Monday people is the gentle sweetness. Convince people speak good impression. Even a gentle but furious mood swings. Furious, but quickly recovered. Both the well dressed and the other. A purist, Have known prudence and foresight, never aggressive, delicate and compromise.

Born Monday is wisdom and pursuing in knowledge, sympathies, loved family, romantic, vacillate but be strengthened. Health is not good but after middle-aged is very good health. If you do charity, health is gradually improving.

Destiny of the Mondays people

For who born on monday if born on waxing moon the destiny will be much better than the waning moon. For the waning moon sometime may be unfortunate about pair.

Born Monday Be careful about the idea or thinking. Should relax the tension on the little thing. And do not factored little into your brain.

Car color for the Monday people

Orange car and Dark yellow car
Supplement fortune about financial, security and capital.

Black car
Supplement fortune about safety from disaster such as accidental or escape of dangerous things.

Blue car and Gold car
Supplement fortune about charm, mature love and compassion to you, there is a fortune in life, security, make people believe in you.

Purple Mangosteen car
Supplement fortune about a pleasant one.

Pink car
Supplement fortune about successful, have been foster sustain, receive housing support from adults, has been promoting the life and career.

Sky blue car
Supplement fortune about success in life and career.

Green car
Supplement fortune about power, ascendancy, prestige, honor and reputation, the respect and the powerful influence, has the ability to command and control the people.

Red car
The red car is prohibited for the Monday people. It mean unfortunately, an evil, hostile opponents, obstacles in life.

Horoscope for Leo Zodiac

Leo Horoscope | 23rd July - 22nd August

Leo - a good leader

Horoscope of the Leo zodiac

Who is born on Leo zodiac. Always have admiration from others. Be a good leader and love to make an honor. Love to make a reputation more than wealth creation. Bountiful, love funny, charming, polite, sincere, courageous, never fear anything, purposefully, fully leader, loving and care people, love to find new friends and enjoy fellowship.

The love of the Leo zodiac

Quite romantic. This soulmate of Leo may be foreigners or hybrids. Spiritual pride, stubbornness, self-confidence. When upset you will the foul-mouthed but plodding. Hopefully progress life. The couple live together until old age. If the first child is a son will benefit greatly.

Occupation and Financial of the Leo zodiac

The complex emotional person, dreamy, have talented art music and martial arts. Therefore suitable for the task ahead is leading coordination meeting people .... or to work at the executive level. It can handle very well.

Disadvantage of the Leo

Too generous. Too self-confident. Want the respect. Strong commitment. Overly irritable. Especially when have urge or motivation. Jealous, impulsive, disorganized chaos all the time.

The mascot numeric of the Leo

The sun is a star that will protect Leo. God is the guardian is deity Apollo. Apollo is the god of the strength and the fire of life. You are a generous pride and self-confidence. You are also love to be a point of interest.

The lucky number of the Leo is 3

Leo Love Horoscope

Leo Love Horoscope - Leo zodiac sign | 23rd July - 22nd August

Quite romantic. This soulmate of Leo may be foreigners or hybrids. Spiritual pride, stubbornness, self-confidence. When upset you will the foul-mouthed but plodding. Hopefully progress life. The couple live together until old age. If the first child is a son will benefit greatly.

Characteristics of the leo

Leo is a creative and romantic. They are very good in emotional expressive and they are love fun and like meeting people. They have the ability to attract people to become interested in them. Because they are unique and a leader. For love. They were pretty good, no less than any other zodiac sign. Filled with warm and and alway take care. Nature of Leo is leadership and have responsibility. Very caring for everyone and be a loved of people around them.

Romantic of the Leo

Leo will be quick decided. Do anything immediately without hesitation. Because they were convinced that they was ready and better than others. Their love is sincere. Filled with admiration. Respect and care. But the lion may be viewed as a confidence in self-expression to brave and cheerful. Most people tend to believe that they were flirting so much.

Leo's love

Leo love horoscope - Leo is bold and brave, but do not sacrifice too much. They will do everything to meet their needs and their own feelings. Everyone will have to follow what they think. But on the other hand, they will not do follow ​​the request from others. Relationships with their lover, Lover must be obey and follow their ideas rather than discuss. So a couple of the Leo should understand and be willing to indulge them. If you do not want to offend, it may even have to be stopped the love.

Leo relationship style

With self-confidence makes the Leo not afraid about love. They like to walk toward rather than waiting for love to find them. But it does not mean that the Leo is not carefully to selected the lover. They use long time to decision about love. They will gradually look to make sure that is really the best lover for them., Leo love horoscope.

Leo Sexuality

Leo is the fire element. It has hot emotional and power redundancy. They will alway express their emotions to their lover but to convey feelings or emotions of the Leo is beautiful not too many like the young general. Because the Leo have airs of leadership. So what they do it must have this airs. However, the Leo is strong in love and always honest with you.

Your birthday is on the twenty fourth day of the month

You are terribly optimistic and that is why you mostly fancy life. you're precocious in entertaining others. Your friends love and trust you. you will be the primary they {are available} to after they are in want of somebody to talk their heart out.

Sometimes you fall taken with simply because you wish to be taken with, not that you just like that person. you mostly be seen as a sweet couple however you cannot extremely endure your love ones from past. Your partner is sometimes crazy concerning you as a result of you're remarkably charming and romantic.


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